North West London musician Kamal. has always created music that’s emotionally mature for his wunderkind age. His back catalogue features singles consistently containing heartfelt, poetic lyrical imagery that paints emotionally devastating works of art before your eyes. He’s the perfect edition to any playlist where you just want to sit down and have a good long cry. So grab the tissues because there’s another one here today.

Throwing gossamer acoustic guitar melodies with cacophony like bass driven synths, Essential revolves around the demise of a relationship that provided Kamal with love that he believed was essential. Now he’s picking up the pieces as he begins to comeback from this desolation ridden situation.

The diaphanous quality of his voice glides like a graceful swan over the serene melodies, all whilst making his heart-wrenching lyrics pack an almighty punch. Once the booming electronics arrive Kamal’s voice provides a compelling juxtaposition, piercing through the noise with a serene grace. A truly outstanding affair.

Since 2019 we’ve since Kamal grow as a musician and now everything is falling into place for him to take the world by storm.