Katus Myles is rising into the UK R&B and Hip-Hop scene talented in both artistry and production. He’s not new to this having put music out as far back as 2019, however, there’s a clear progression and refinement in his recent work. Coming off the release of an EP entitled “The Inbetween” in June of 2022 this is Katus’ first track back this year. He’s got a story to share and a point to prove in the elevation of his craft in that time. Let’s dive deeper into his recent release “Cnf” and understand just what he’s brought to the table. 

Firstly, CNF is an acronym for “Cool not famous” three words that capture just how he’s feeling at this point in his career. Coming off the top with the lyric “Poster child for Cool Not Famous, and the youts that ain’t make the playlist.” This captures the message perfectly, he’s speaking to all the other amazing artists out there who go underappreciated and unnoticed. At this current time in his career, he’s found his sound, refined his work, and feels he’s delivering a higher quality of work. After all this attention to detail and progression, how can one still go under the radar?

The message is lighthearted as his passion lies in music that’s what it’s all about, creating and sharing with the world. What stands out about Katus’ sound is his rhythmic production influenced by Brazilian music culture. In collaboration with producers Silkeey and Offkey the three have crafted a captivating dynamic beat arranged with seductive horns and a steady bounce. Katus’ flow is steady aligning to the rhythm he’s working with, melding together, his voice acting as an instrument. 

It’s evident that you should be listening to “Cnf” but I can’t go without recommending a few more of my favorites. Katus Myles’ tracks “Moonlight” and “Chasing Summer” also showcase his talents and versatility. I must encourage you to watch the visual that Katus has paired with “Cnf” as well, inspired by the cult classic French film “La Haine”. All in all Katus Myles is someone to have your eyes and ears on as he continues to progress and find his much-deserved spotlight.