Rapidly flipping from Japanese to English in a fervent bilingual display that is only matched by the hard-hitting beats and energetic guitar solo closing the track, the artist Kazuo has got no ceiling in sight because the sky is the limit for his expressive creative talent as he shows in ORIGAMI! Similar to the art form, he intricately transforms something simple into a work of art, knowing how fold each individual element of his soundscape and sculpting around it form something you can’t help but admire. With a genreless mindset the artist carves himself a special place in modern music landscape, fusing together alternative rock, hip hop and punk to give his sonic experience a might punch as he pushes the boundaries of his own artistry. He doesn’t give you a second to breathe here, attacking you with a flurry of passionate lyrics as the vibrant high octane energy of the production takes you on a thrill ride you never want to get off of.

The Half-Black, Half-Japanese musician is a true talent who hopes to bridge the gap between black and Japanese entertainment culture. This versatile musician, with his expressive ideology, is ready to unleash his talents in an eruption of passion.