Artist’s using their own sadness to create art can sometimes come across as performative. They’re putting on a mask to hide themselves as they turn what hurt them into more of a spectacle that’s exaggerated to entertain their fans, as opposed to something that’s a raw interpretation of their suffering. Kenna Wong’s music has never felt like that though. He doesn’t masquerade his emotions, he gives us honest recounts that have a journal quality to them with a confessional undertone. Each project he’s dropped has demonstrated this natural quality he has, but Paris Interlude might just be his crowning achievement.

If you’re a fan of Mac Miller and Mac DeMarco then this is the song for you. Blending conversational lyrics over a minimalistic production amplifies the storytelling ten-fold, allowing you to have a fly-on-the-wall perspective of Wong’s journey. He never sounds half-convinced, his delivery is passionate as he gives each lyric ample space to tug at the listeners heartstrings whilst providing optimum impact. This heartfelt single is an example of Wong’s songcraft, the pristine level of the production only being rivalled by his own performance.