Khamari is constantly pitching curveballs at his listeners. His first project Eldorado explored a multitude of sounds, Drifting sits in a purgatory of upbeat sampling all on its own, and now Tell Me returns with a new take on the soulful side of his artistry. 

Tell Me is a story of wanting to get inside of a past lover’s head; the girl that he was with has been pulling back, and it has left Khamari in a spiral wondering what he did wrong, and where her mind is at. The situation is explored through borderline sensual and playful production (similar to tracks like Hrs and Hrs by Muni Long), and is finished off with a simple and understated guitar solo that closes out the emotions in the last minute of the song in a way that words can’t describe. 

This single follows not too far after Drifting, which can leave us hoping for another single or even a project in the near future.