Nottingham’s music scene has been thriving as of late, countless artists have emerged from the city and shown that the sky is the limit for what this city has to offer in raw musical talent. The latest addition to this ever-growing number is Kieran Ivy, a top tier musician who’s debut shows how he can seamlessly blend together genres whilst delivering exhilarating hooks that give you the thrill of driving down the motorway with the windows down. He embraces heartbreak through his striking brand of authentic lyricisms that read like unfiltered thoughts exiting his mind, resonating with listeners with true vigour. Worry Too Much truly is nothing short of fantastic. Being reminiscent of runaway hit icons like The Kid LAROI and Post Malone, he transforms the pain of his own torment into ecstatic beauty. He authentically portrays his suffering through autobiographical lyrics, never hesitating or sparing any desolate moment and allowing us to find solace within his words, forming a bubble of comfort for us to heal our own internal emotional heartache.

Addictive guitar riffs gravitate you towards the intoxicating soundscape, fervent melodies that have wriggled their way so deep into my head I know they’re gonna be there for months to come and a raspy vocal that breathes new life into this sound, Kieran Ivy has got that something special. Producing a break up anthem that has heavy replay value and introducing us to his sonic world in true awe-inspiring fashion, keep an eye on this young Nottinghamshire marvel.