Unstoppable, that’s the best way to describe the relentless high octane energy that pulsates out of the anthemic guitars in KILLBOY’s latest single. The artist transports you back to the early 2000’s when pop punk was emerging onto the scene and soundtracking the angst filled adolescence of every teenager on a global scale with her raw, unadulterated brand of music. Having already toured with the fresh pop punk troubadour jxdn and receiving rave reviews from fans, she’s building an identity that is very akin to what Paramore were doing during their early years. She’s becoming the downcast icon thousands of other self-proclaimed losers can relate to and today she’s unveiled an anthem that’s specifically for them.

LOSER has already got obscene amounts of moshpit potential. Once that guitar hits in the chorus and her eruptive vocals launch into action you can already envision people colliding into one another with all the force her music can bring, which makes sense considering what the tracks about. Giving a middle finger to anyone who doesn’t want to embrace your non-conforming qualities. The electric vocals brings a thumping level of angst to the soundscape, whilst the cacophony of guitar riffs and basslines propel the single further into explosive territory where her rebellious nature comes out in full force. Her music is about giving you the freedom to do whatever the hell you want and she certainly shows that today.