On a night out that seemed like any other, absolutely peppered on Guinness, three friends who called themselves wannabe songwriters sat around their kitchen table. On a drunken whim they put pen to paper and wrote their first song together as a band, no solo intentions like their past endeavours, just a piece that was collectively their own. Now they’ve unleashed it into the world and transport us back to the early 2010’s where stomp driven folk music by The Lumineers and Mumford & Sons was dominating the airways, but put it in a class by itself. Kingfishr’s drunken notion has become one of the best folk songs to come out this year.

Amongst the rising crescendos and unexpected rustic textures delicately woven into the fabric of their sound, eyes don’t lie is a rousing folk anthem that takes you through the full spectrum of human emotion. Their elegantly crafted lyrics can say hundreds of emotions whilst saying only five words, pairing them with the stem-winding vocal delivery and rapturous production to form a harmonious balance that’s impossible to ignore. They transitions from lullaby guitar melodies to a uplifting chorus of thriving drums, enlightening guitar riffs, and an overall feeling of jubilance. Raise a glass to Ireland’s latest hidden gem, a band who’ll be in my heavy rotation for weeks to come.