Born and raised in Switzerland and now living in London, Kings Elliot uses her music as way of exploring the inner most depths of her mind, she dissects her fears, her ongoing battle with depression and, as she shows in her debut, her anxiety. She’s an open book in her music where she creates a new world through her expressive soundscape and emotionally enticing lyricisms that allows people who feel like outsiders to feel like they’re being welcomed home, she creates a safe space for them to find solace within and allows them, even for a brief moment, to not feel alone. In a world that’s currently in lockdown Kings Elliots makes you feel free.

I’m Getting Tired Of Me is a track that was born from her own anxiety and self destructive tendencies with the music video actually showing Elliot in the middle of a panic attack, sharing a side to mental health we don’t often see. This further adds to the statement of intent that her debut is, she intertwines her personal troubles with heartfelt lyricisms that are wrapped in melancholia but is juxtaposed by the angelic qualities her voice has that makes you feel like you’re floating through the sky, you become weightless when you hear her melodies. There’s a beautiful sadness in this piece that will leave you feeling breathless, Kings Elliot hasn’t just debuted her sound today, she’s announced herself in style.