If you’re based in the UK then you’ll know all too well about the cost of living crisis currently going on. Skyrocketing prices on gas and electricity, food becoming more expensive than ever before and our day to day lives being dictated by whether or not we can afford fill up our car to get to our jobs. It’s utter lunacy, but if you need something to take the sting off it and want to scream out some obscenities about what’s going on, kinrose has you covered.

With a bouncy production and lyrics featuring jabs at the staggering prices we’re seeing today, credit union manages to be both relatable and help lift the weight of the world off of our shoulders. The opening line, “money coming in slower than it’s going out,” perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being financially and emotionally exhausted. He spellbinds you with lyrical tapestry, weaving a sonic story that takes a snapshot of the current struggle of living and tries to uplift people from the pain they’re going through. His unique vocal is comforting, offering us a place of solace to find our peace of mind and briefly feel bliss in this now chaotic timeline.

Kinrose embodies everything you could ever want in a budding hip hop artist. He’s not afraid to tackle issues most wouldn’t touch with a 10ft barge pole and he never talks down to the listener, he always remains eye level, understanding everything we’re going through.