If I had to make a list of artists who’ve blown up in 2023 from their debut, and continued to have the same amount of success with each of their follow up singles, kurffew would be at the top of the list. Seriously, if you don’t know who kurffew is by now, then as Drake said if you’re reading this you’re already too late. The artist has had a mammoth 2023, dropping his debut, going viral, getting major label offers, having every taste maker fall head over heels for him, that doesn’t happen too often. He’s experiencing all of it in one big moment and he’s working hard to keep that love.

One part of punk dream and the other a DIY fantasy from the early 2000’s (think Vampire Weekend), i wna be like you will soon be on everyone’s heavy rotation. The hazy guitar riffs are addictive, injecting the melodies straight into my veins with how intoxicatingly good they are. You play this at any alt venue and there will be people moshing in the centre in 0.1 seconds flat. It has a rapturous energy that explodes into an eruption of pent up aggression that you just want to release. This is a must see at any of his future shows for sure!

Kurffew looks like he’s going to be one of the biggest artists to come out of 2023 and every release is showing us why.