Can someone say ‘Tip Drill 2022’?

This week, Nigerian recording artist Laycon, known for winning Season 5 of Big Brother Naija and now affiliated with the Recording Academy, released the official video for his exciting 2022 release, ‘2000’ with Toby Shang. In the colourful visual directed by Stanz, Laycon and his co-star enjoy themselves at a party where the babes fight, sunbathe, dance and dip their sun-kissed bodies in the pool.

You would know the vibes if you were alive when Nelly released the late-night-friendly visual component for his 2000 single. He says he will release the uncut version if he reaches a million views. We are unsure if Laycon has ambitions to draw controversy for its probable misogynistic themes like Nelly. Still, it has proven to be a great marketing tool for Hip-Hop/Rap music decades prior. Check out his official music video below to draw comparisons.