When you’ve got music video that looks like it could be the trailer for a new Mission Impossible reboot, you know you’re not messing around. That’s certainly the case with lemonxde80s who’s second offering STICK TO THE PLAN will have you clearly understanding the artist’s vision as he recounts his journey of creating music for the past 10 years. Throughout the track one thing becomes clear, the man is certainly a master with the quill. Using his fine eye for detail he effortlessly weaves a narrative tapestry that we follow word for word as if it was a New York Times bestselling novel. Each twist and turn he takes throughout this journey we follow too, allowing us to become apart of his story. We see his self confidence go from minuscule to absolutely sky high as his music progresses and by the end of the single, you’ll feel like you’ve known this man for years.

This is certainly a treat for the eyes and the ears to behold. With a high level of craft going into all elements of his music, it’s clear to see that lemonxde80s is a visionary as well as an extremely talented musician.