If you’re a fan of tender songwriters like Dodie then you need to hop onto the young wunderkind Lexie Carroll. Her brand of compassionate songwriting with empathy at its core and kind-hearted lyrics if your own safe place, a place of solace. When you’re going through a rough day where everything seemingly goes horrendously bad and you’re left wondering what you’re doing wrong, she offers out her hand and lets your cry on her shoulder as her sonic musings sooth your being. She’s essentially your own musical therapist and she continues that today with her latest drop.

Filled with a wondrous magic that’s akin to a classic Disney princess film with a orchestral score to match, if I built my home from paper is a mesmerising affair. Lyrics conjuring up fond and beautiful images of familiar fairytale stories are littered throughout, all whilst her celestial vocal glides over the cherished soundscape to bring them to life. As you begin to listen the track slowly becomes reminiscent of a warm hug, someone embracing you who makes you feel safe in a world of madness and lets you feel completely content. The more you listen to her music the more this feeling washes over you and that’s what makes her music so warm-hearted.

“I wrote if I built my home from paper for my mum, but I think the song is applicable to any sort of relationship where someone can make the world feel safer and help to untangle some of the chaos with you. It’s a very special thing to have, I feel very lucky and I hope everyone who listens has that person whether they’re family or someone else.”