It’s never too late to fall in love.

Photo: Apple Music

Liberian bilingual rapper Bucky Raw recently released a love song ahead of the holiday to help us celebrate our partners. Over the Nigerian star producer-artist Mystro, Bucky Raw, explains why this native woman is for him. Based on his fond description, the love of his life is sweeter than a plum in plum season, and she is cultural (ties her lapa skirt as her mother taught her) and just, gorgeous with an intoxicating walk.

Next, Nigerian veteran rapper Vector adds to the track and blends his signature sing-rap to talk about the special lady’s face being on his mind, speaks French, and doesn’t leave without making us laugh with a cheeky line: Do that for yourself, not for me/I’m good, I’m just kidding.

As a Queens, New York-native woman with Liberian roots, not only do I appreciate hearing this song, but I also enjoyed the Lost Boyz ‘Renee‘ reference. I grew up in the area, and ‘Legal Drug Money‘ is an album that I listened to with my friends and big brother in 1999.

Listen to the well-made track now, which particularly mentions Liberian and Nigerian women because of where each collaborator originates. It’s never too late to fall in love.