There’s been a recent obsession within the underground music scene of old French music, with one of the biggest success stories being Wet Leg with their adoration of Jane Birkin translated through their debut Chaise Longue. Artists are looking for niche references to help expand upon their music, discover a spark that could set their creative mind ablaze to form a modern soundscape of a timeless sound. That’s the case for Lily Amiclo, a New York singer songwriter who dived into the catacombs of classic French and Italian cinema to find a sound that called her. Thus her self-named genre of ‘Honeymoon Pop’ was born and we’re getting a little taste of it now.

French Kissed with the Sun is a timeless single. With a vocal reminiscent of Joni Mitchell mixed with a little Stevie Nicks and a hypnotic production with a hazy undertone, this single makes you feel as if you’re floating through the clouds. The mesmerising storytelling links back to the classic movies to, recounting timeless stories for a new audience and letting your mind create its own motion picture with this as your soundtrack. This is an old school is sound with a contemporary twist or, as Amiclo herself describes it, “your mom when she was hot and on her honeymoon.”

I’d also recommend checking out a collective that she co-founded called Producers Against Misogyny (PAM). It’s to help women get into production and she’s already spearheaded events with Jack Antonoff, Weyes Blood, Jacob Collier, Devonté Hynes, and more. If you’re in New York check it out, more than worth a look in.