On her newest single, Liyv finds something rare: mystical simplicity. Think of an Agnes Martin painting (which happens to be one of the Portland-based artist’s many inspirations), how its unadorned grace of grids and points reveals itself only after you wait long enough to let it enter you. “Let Me Know” unfolds in the same way, its organ-like synths melting away like ripples of water, Liyv’s diaphanous voice floating away like light glistening off the surface. She lingers on and stretches out her syllables as if in an incantation, unbeholden to the rigid tic of time, lost in her own mirage of desire: “I am terrified / Letting go / You take over.” Underneath, the bass churns and skitters, threatening to swallow her whole into its void. By song’s end, she, like us, has surrendered to the music.