With his ability in crafting genre-bending sonics accompanied with his deliverance of catchy vocal melodies to his distinct nimble rap flows, the self-described “once inconspicuous skinny kid” LLUCID seems to have it all. While his previous single ‘Fake Love’ ft. Mulay showcased LLUCID’s artistry on an Afro-Caribbean-influenced polyrhythm track, his latest single ‘Fooled’ displays the Berlin-based artists’ rap versatility. The self-produced single ‘Fooled’ sees LLUCID construct a swampy mid-tempo hip-hop beat filled with eerie soundscapes, rumbling Moog basslines and a driving looped synth melody. LLUCID’s distinct high-pitched vocal delivery is reminiscent of Twenty-One Pilots lead vocalist Tyler Joseph at times. His vocal delivery is smooth, effortlessly weaving its way around the instrumental. Co-directed alongside Andjani Autumn, the ‘Fooled’ music video displays a one-shot of LLUCID in reverse as he makes his way around a dimly lit hotel room. The perfect visual representation to the almost sinister-sounding sonics on this single. ‘Fooled’ is the first single off LLUCID’s forthcoming EP titled ‘Getting in Touch’.

Always keeping it nonchalant, LLUCID elaborates: “The process of coming of age and developing my musical fingerprint has been going hand in hand ever since and music has always helped me stepping out of my comfort zone, coping with bad emotions and such so this is what my music is about.”