Wearing his dirty south upbringing on his sleeve whilst sporting a gruff vocal tone that adds a rough punch to his volatile delivery, LOS is someone you have to take notice of. If he’s performing at a venue whilst you’re casually walking by on a night out, his sound draws you in and makes you want to dive head-first through the venue door and into the lively audience. The immaculate vibe he offers from his coruscating production only amplifies his voice further across his wide range of enthralling tracks.

NOT M*RDA is his latest drop and if you weren’t a fan before, this is the perfect time to jump in. From the offset we have a future nostalgia styled production with a retro leaning synth bath with a subtle gritty edge you see in modern hip hop. The gruff of his voice elevates his lyrics, making each one pack a punch that’s on par with Mike Tyson, especially with the soundscape taking a backseat role here to make sure his voice is crystal clear throughout. Include a static themed music video that somehow manages to squeeze a Vampire Diaries reference into the fray and you’ve got a winner.