Being inspired by iconic musicians like Sade and Lauryn Hill has lead the first generation child of Ukrainian immigrants, San Francisco native singer/songwriter and ballroom dancer Lovsky to create an emotionally enthralling soundscape that makes her music so utterly mesmerising. The angelic tomboy, as many have referred to her as, has been developing her sound over the years that has seen her come out with the rhythmic soul piece Hurricane, 90’s R&B tinged Wait and the more contemporary numbers like Blue Suede, but today she’s raised the bar to a whole new level.

Lovsky has often stated she wants her music to be a platform for emotional vulnerability that allows people to connect in the most honest way imaginable and her latest track shows this to us all. Stay is her most minimal track to date with a calming soundscape comprised of soulful guitar plucking patterns, a subtle string section, deep synth melodies and choir like harmonies that back up her celestially toned vocal. You’re drawn in my her compelling melodies that intertwine with the mesmerising production before her lyrical storytelling draws you in and makes you lose yourself in her gorgeously crafted soundscape.