Everyday the hyper pop scene continues to grow with new artist’s emerging from the fray and establishing themselves as one of spearheads of the community. Dive head first into any SoundCloud, Twitter or Discord community for this genre and you’ll be inundated with hidden gems that dazzle like diamonds with their fresh take on this ever expanding genre. In walks lush ice, an undiscovered gem of a talent who’s been creating music since he was 13, building up a collection of sonic influences who’s size could rival that of The Library of Congress. The vocals in Balcony are top notch but it’s the production that makes this a top quality single. Filled with effervescent electronics that start off as a whisper before exploding into life, making sure every inch of his sonic landscape is filled with life. It’s really hard to argue with the talent he has on display here.

This artist is severely underrated. I have no doubt we’ll be hearing more from lush ice in the future as he continues to grows his musical library and become an artist that will undoubtably help shape the future of the hyperpop landscape. Keep a close eye on this one.