Coming in at 1 minute 37 seconds, luvsikgrl doesn’t waste your time. She gets straight to the point with a song for you, openly mocking the endless supply of relationship problem themed songs in mere seconds. Oh and the irony of this dropping on Valentines Day is not missed by me. Unfiltered lyrics litter the soundscape, not putting up false pretences, and openly expressing their irritation of these tracks, contrasting the ethereal hyperpop soundscape in the process. Her iridescent vocals shines like the moon, glistening with an incandescence that elevates the emotional impact, bring her disdain and honesty to the forefront in glorious fashion.

Her sound envelopes the listener within a cloud, finding a gossamer middle ground between a soft as silk production and a searingly raw conceptual story. This sensational blend, Ethereal with a shot of honesty is what makes luvsikgrl such a remarkable talent within the hyperpop space. With only 342 monthly listeners, you need to hop onto her ASAP.