Canada-based singer and artist Lyhz releases new 90s RnB flavoured single; “Enough”. Taking influence from artists such as Mariah Carey, Brandy and Whitney Houston, the Toronto based lyricist and songstress hopes to influence new fans in the same way, and successfully put across the message of her lyrics; “The song is (about) freeing yourself from accepting the bare minimum! oftentimes, we are caught up in doing so much for people we know would never (do the same), and they don’t ever do anything for us, time and time again.” 

Lyhz explains how she went about writing the lyrics, and the emotions that she felt before and during the process: “The lyrics came together, honestly, as I was reflecting on a period of time where I felt I was at my lowest, and struggled with loneliness, and I think we’re at a time (especially with pandemic) where we are struggling to see who is there for us, I hope this song hopes to serve as motivation.” 

Growing up going to a gospel church, Lyhz takes her inspiration and aspects of her sound from this experience, explaining that gospel music has really “shaped her sound”.

Whether you’re into new pop or 90s RnB, “Enough” brings a fresh new take on fusing modern day, laid back RnB beats, with a melodic top line that’ll take you back to a simpler time. With hints of gospel, and a voice reminiscent of artists like; Aaliyah, Ciara and Tinashe, Lyhz’s “Enough” is the perfect chill-out vibe for RnB fans around the globe.