Up until this point, the 19 year old wunderkind Madeline the Person has created visual worlds filled with vibrant colour, every colour of the rainbow was featured in her animated aesthetic whilst still maintaining high levels of emotional brilliance, forming a mesmerising juxtaposition in the process. Today is slightly more somber however, as she collaborates with the renowned songwriter Adam Melchor as the dreamy duo wistfully intertwine their vocals in bliss inducing harmony as they croon their woes about a long distance relationship in August. Individually they’re both already known for their authentic songwriting, consistently painting vivid pictures through their autobiographical lyrics, so when you put the two together it’s almost as if the stars have aligned for a once in a lifetime experience. Melancholy in every way, Madeline’s delicate voice tenderly evokes high amounts of tearjerking emotion as Adam’s gossamer tone angelically glides along with her. Include a cinematic music video that reflects the resonating narrative perfectly and you’ve got an absolute gem of a single.

Having already shown off their songwriting prowess in their solo material, Madeline the Person and Adam Melchor show us that sometimes two can be better than one. Be sure to dive into their solo work for an absolute treat!