Magenta’s intimately crafted debut brings you into her world as she pulls back the curtain of the inner workings of her mind during a time in where she slowly realised who she was. We become a fly on the wall as she goes through the acceptance of her sexuality, one Monday she finally realised who she was have falling head over heels for a girl with freckles that dotted her nose. From there we watch her go through trials and tribulations as her inner turmoil is artfully displayed through heartfelt lyrics of her unfiltered thoughts, painting a vivd picture of this modern love story and journey to self love. What makes this debut so spellbinding though is the authenticity, it’s like reading someones diary entry, each word never feeling out of place or off, all 100% raw and real. When you combine that natural talent with her ethereal vocal that has a mystical angelic quality that brings these lyrics to life and you’ve got a rather spellbinding debut.

Elegantly poised, Finding Myself doesn’t contain the usual bells and whistles that come with a debut. Instead it’s something small, something that whispers instead of shout and something that leaves a long lasting impact that ruminates in your mind for weeks to come.