New York City-native rapper Marcus P. is back after his 2021 album Fame N Morals with a new track and music video titled “Vibe” recorded at Paramount Studios Hollywood. The visuals are shot by Umar Malik. His virtuosity, when it comes to rapping, is crystal clear on this urban masterpiece. 

His unshakable ambition to become the greatest rapper and fulfill his mission on earth is truly inspiring. Marcus P.’s quick and sharp lyricism delivered through his stunning voice are just some of the elements explaining the listening impact he manages to produce with his music. 

One of his main drives is performing live, and after a quick listen to “Vibe,” one can only imagine with high excitement what experience it might be to hear the rapper dropping his lines in a live show. 

A shapeshifter, incredible rapper and the master of his art, Marcus P. is undoubtedly born to be an incredibly popular artist.