Honestly at this point marinelli could drop a 20 hour project and I’m certain there would be no skips. Everything that he puts out there is simply unskippable, be it his original music that’s pushed boundaries with the authentic moments of raw emotion and dark tinged humour, or his production work which has seen artists like spill tab and Wallice soar with his assistance. He’s even going on tour later this year with Finneas, he doesn’t miss a single beat and everything he’s produced has been world class, he seamlessly weaves together compelling narratives through his sonic musings, taking command and preparing you for an unforgettable adventure. With all of these accolades under his belt, it should come as no surprise that his debut EP FUNNY BONE cements him as one of the best songwriters of this generation. Seriously a Grammy isn’t just in his sights, it’s already engraved, has a bow wrapped around it and is patiently waiting for him to come pick it up.

Relatable topics are brought up throughout the project, ranging from loneliness which we would’ve all felt throughout lockdown, feeling empty inside and being forgotten about. From that alone you know you’re going to have your heartbroken and the intense emotion he’s become known for isn’t going anywhere. Dreamy, captivating and cinematic, prepare for a rollercoaster ride that is FUNNY BONE.

End of Days opens the proceedings, a woozy summer jam that’s reminiscent of something you’d see in an A24 film, going from melancholic guitars to a cacophony of instruments, clashing off one another in a eruption of sonic brilliance before reverting back to the humbled emotive state. Coming in at just over 90 seconds, Pity Party remains short but sweet with an infectious production of shifting sonic melodies and his vocal filled with unrivalled charisma crashing into one another, making this a pity party you actually want to be apart of. Within OH GOD his lo-fi musings and confessional lyrics mixed with the crackling production makes this a different type of tearjerker than what we’re used to as he plays upon the emptiness the pain of love has left him with.

In Halloween, the hazy nature of the guitar melodies mixed with the raw nature of his vocals and lo-fi beats allows the track to truly thrive with the nuanced emotion he brings to the hypnotic soundscape. Turtleneck Sweater is simply yet so poignant, his distorted vocals mixed with the darkly toned yet simultaneously humorous lyrics makes this so fascinatingly outstanding. Still remains my favourite track of his. Father’s Son is the closer, get the tissues out for this one as you’ll need them. Raw, real and passionate, this is everything that makes marinelli a one in a million musician, truly outstanding. Stream this EP now, you won’t regret it.