Mark Richards is bringing us a meld of tropical bounce and island sound with his riff ridden ukulele tunes. His latest release “Let Down” radiates chill vibes while telling the story of the ups and downs faced in a relationship. The lyrics “remove me from this state, alleviate my pains” is an ode to the idyllic situation he believed could come of this love interest, an escape and release from his troubles. As you continue to listen this turns out not to be the case and he transitions to finding peace in solitude. 

This track is one to play after the day is over, on the quiet ride home from a long day at the beach, in the sun, reminiscing on adventures and capturing the tranquility of the sun setting on another day of life. Much of Marks inspiration comes from his home town of Fort Myers. He tends to channel the essence of this quaint South Florida beach town directly into his music, beats, and lyricism. It is clear the tropical influence from his city as well as the inspiration he draws from elements of nature such as the water, sky, and coastal lifestyle. 

I always find it difficult to stamp or box artists into one genre, especially Mark as he’s blended elements of indie-pop, alternative, reggae, and rock music into his entire catalog of music all while admiring R&B artists such as Usher. His versatility is tremendously well done yet he remains consistent in the niche of tropical lighthearted tunes for a brief escape from whatever your reality may be. 

Marks catalog of music is endlessly diversifying and growing as he experiments and hones in on so many exciting sounds. Keep your eye on what’s to come, and I can’t forget to mention his opening show for fellow Fort Myers native Baby Jake, in Tallahasse, FL on October 26th! Catch his show or tune in from wherever you’re reading this for an escape to the islands.