No matter what we’re going through music always has a way of making us heal, it offers a cathartic experience unlike anything else in this world where the earnest melodies, authentic storytelling and emotionally invigorating vocals make us feel like we’re not alone in this world. For Mar De L’Eau it was all that and then some as she wrote her debut single Milk Teeth, a song she wrote for her little brother in foster care to comfort him when he felt alone and alienated in the world and it’s one of the most mesmerisingly beautiful pieces of music you could ever wish to hear and will certainly leave you reaching for the tissues.

Lyrically the track is on another level, each poetic phrase she angelically utters adds another stroke to the picture she creates in your mind until the very end of the track where you’re left with a masterpiece. Emotion comes cascading down upon you as the story unfolds as the somber piano melody gently builds into a euphonic end of scintillatingly mystical synth melodies that offer a shining beacon of hope to the end of the tale. As far as debuts go, Mars De L’Eau might’ve just produced one of the best of 2020.