Chances are you’ve seen mathijs.iv in the songwriting credits for some of the best rising musicians around because he’s an insanely talented writer. You look at what he’s written and, so far, he hasn’t missed a single beat, knocking them out the park like a prime Babe Ruth and slowly garnering a reputation for his talent. Even when you dive into his own solo discography you’ll be impressed by the quality on display. Now he’s paired up with the Charli XCX protégé ELIO to deliver a relatable single that all 20-something nervous wrecks will find themselves within.

The lyrics of Undershare are reminiscent of what you’d write in your journal during the entry point of your young adult years. They’re beautifully open with both vocalists wrapping their performance with a blanket of melancholia, along with a strong sense of desire emulating from the loved up chorus correlating to the overthinking they’ve been experiencing throughout this relationship. The production remains minimal but equally enticing, bringing you closer into the inner workings of their relationship, and as their voices intertwine you feel as if you’re apart of the story too.