Not much is predictable in life unless we are talking about Matilda Cole’s destined stardom brought forth following the release of her new single “Again.” Cole is a Brighton-based singer/songwriter known for her indie/pop ballads that delve into a young adult’s emotional realm of honesty and vulnerability. She is previously known for, “Halloween,” and “The Cloud’s.” But her new single, “Again” gives her audience an intimate glimpse into an ill-fated relationship. Throughout the 2:30 minute song, you feel like Cole is a best friend who is unaware of the love they deserve. “Again” was written as Cole was enduring the ebbs and flows of a tumultuous relationship, which looking back on, Cole has learned much from. Matilda Cole is more than your average singer-songwriter, she is the main character and someone you will be hearing more about as we get deeper into 2022.

Her sound is a blend of danceable pop melodic foundations mixed with strong lyrical elements that create the perfect ballad to blast in your car. She conceived an incredible song with lyrics like “if you love me for half of the time, then it’s fine, I can just let it go” that I will be singing at the top of my lungs until her next release.