If you enjoy a chilled-out vibe that lets you embrace the music while somehow evoking a nostalgic feeling, look no further than Mattera’s Chatterbox. This single is paired with the perfect beat bringing a nice bounce and feel-good guitar strum to emulate that exhilarating windows down with no destination type of feeling. Hailing from Fort Myers Beach, Florida he demonstrates a heavy influence of living a laidback coastal lifestyle while surrounded by innumerable music genres. Ranging from classic rock, reggae, and indie pop music Mattera’s inspirations have impelled him to be more open-minded and experimental by crossing over genres and production styles  

In Mattera’s eyes music is a way of creating storylines and characters, bringing the sonic aspect of the track to life through lyrics that echo a personal experience. His latest release, Chatterbox, came after a move to Orlando, diving into new scenery and opening many doors, Mattera stepped further into the world of performing. Seeing fans engage with his music, he knew a more upbeat track to make you move your feet was on deck to win over the crowd. This single does just that and shares the thrill of immersing yourself in the unknown, leaving behind what’s comfortable, and taking risks in an effort to follow your dreams. The lyrics that resonated with me the most were “I can hear all of the chatter, life keeps getting faster, but it doesn’t matter cause it’s all the same to me.” Often times when moving into a new stage of life everything seems to fly by and it’s inevitable that you learn to put everyone else’s opinions aside. 

Chatterbox is the ultimate feel-good track, going for a drive, hanging out with friends, or simply looking to crack a smile and bop your head, this is what you should queue up next!