It takes someone who’s fearless, talented, and passionate to take on what is regarded as one of the best pieces of music ever made, and transform it into something that’d distinctly your own. However, the Atlanta based rapper Mercury has done just that, sampling Queen’s legendary single Bohemian Rhapsody in her solemn single Freddie.

Rather than do what countless artists have tried to do in the past, taking the hook and do nothing overly original with the layout, Mercury finds a way to weave her flow into the ruefully melancholy piano keys. Whilst the original has a large sense of grandeur and massive amounts of over the top theatricality, Mercury’s version remains grounded in realism. The production from FearDorian is a big part of this, letting her lyrics about her mindset and consistent grind take centre stage, but never letting the production overpower her or be used as a gimmick in any way shape or form. The end result is something that’s tantalising, fresh, and brave all in one addictive single.

Let’s all remember something Freddie Mercury once said to his manager, “You can do what you want with my music, but don’t make me boring,” and this is the most exciting re-do of a Queen song I’ve heard in years.