Mila Degray makes an exciting debut with her fresh, dreamy, single, “Ragdoll”. In her first single alone she manages to show her vast potential as an artist, making her own mark in the indie rock scene. “Ragdoll” is Mila Degray’s way of saying good riddance and goodbye to the draining factors in life, whether it be the people you’re surrounded by or the place you’re in. She calls out those that make life feel like a complete drag, bringing her down to the point where she’s nothing but a mere ragdoll, “passed out and puking on your beach”. There’s a weariness that comes with dealing with such people and feelings, and “Ragdoll” displays it perfectly. 

“Ragdoll” immediately opens with bright and steady drums that are followed by an upbeat and melodic guitar riff, creating a perfectly retro-feeling indie movie vibe that’s both mesmerizing and space-filling. It’s a melodic, clouded fog of a track that’s created by mystical vocals that mix extremely well with her emotion-fueled lyrics. It carries an upbeat and distorted shoegaze sort of spin to it, producing a powerful combination of sounds that make up the single’s signature vibe. This balance of contrasting themes in the track makes it fit for the next indie coming-of-age film; it’s energetic and exciting enough to make a perfect soundtrack for any beautifully dramatic tunnel or bridge scene. Or for an energy-filled show in an intimate and packed concert venue. Either way, we’re all excited to see what comes next from Mila Degray as she continues to storm into the music scene with more moody movie-moment anthems.