“Slime Volcanoes” is an absolute bruiser of a track from Pittsburgh-based rapper/producer Moemaw Naedon and his guest, grimy New Orleans emcee Calig Kontra. But the best part about it? This could be the start of something collaborative from these two. Naedon describes the song as “a self-produced wrecking ball that I’ve been hyped to release for sometime now.” He also goes on to say that it’s an “introduction to what happens when me and this New Orleans mic annihilator get together.” So yeah, let’s cross our fingers that this is only the beginning. Beyond building the potential hype for a duo release from Naedon and Kontra, “Slime Volcanoes” is a force of nature all on its own. It’s also the latest we’re hearing from Naedon’s upcoming album, Dr. Deadhorse, which is sounding like pure fire so far. His production on this cut is some of his best yet, and it demonstrates just how much he’s developed as an artist over the past 7 years or so. His bars are as on point as ever too, and he and Kontra prove to be quite the tag team with their back-to-back verses here. “Slime Volcanoes” is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms, while Dr. Deadhorse arrives on all major DSPs next Monday, June 1 and can be pre-ordered now via iTunes, Amazon and Google Play through Soul Slime Records.