UK based beat maker Monro is known for his ability to add his own individual flair to any track he comes across, whatever the genre whilst most people will look at it straight on he’ll tackle it from all angles to get a unique perspective on the sound. Amaria is a young upcoming musician who at just 17 years of age has become a hot prospect in the UK, with her debut single garnering over 200,000 streams as well as her lusciously smooth soundscape continuing to gain more attention as the days go on. Now they both come together and equally step up their level of artistry within the laidback R&B single Dark Eyes.

There’s an undeniable darkness to the track from the ominous synth melodies and brooding beats, but there’s also an alluring ambience that pulls you further into this sonic universe that perfectly compliments the magnetic quality of Amaria’s divine vocal prowess. That’s what I adore about this collaboration, both artist’s have found a way to compliment each other with the production and vocal melting together in a swirling euphonic palette that is a pure pleasure to behold sonically. They come together in a vibrant explosion of brooding R&B that is hard not to fall for.