Discovering the quintet, MORE&MORE, was like finding an oasis in a bleak desert. Thus, refreshing is the perfect word to describe this group. Formed in Tulsa, Oklahoma, MORE&MORE is an up-and-coming indie band that experiments with the alternative pop genre. Their music creates a vibe that will draw in an audience, and their creative and distinct sound will make their listeners stay. 

‘SUPERSONIC’, the group’s recent single, is an imaginative dance-pop track. Honestly, this song can serve as an excellent addition to the soundtrack of a youthful, coming-of-age film. Listening to it took me on an ecstatic adventure that I wanted to bring my friends along. It induces a strong sense of elation, a desire to be around the people you care about. Imagine a late-night party with a small group of friends: the room is washed with unrestrained laughter as you all frenetically dance without the fear of judgment. As you whirl around in your happiness, you close your eyes, throw your head back, and wear a relaxed smile, savoring the moment as much as possible. This feeling is hard to replicate, but I was able to experience it while listening to the song. Overall, ‘SUPERSONIC’ is a colorful track that made me want to bask in my peers’ energetic yet comforting presence, which made the song captivating to me. 

With its groovy bass, ‘SUPERSONIC’ pairs perfectly with the upbeat and euphoric production, yielding an addictive chorus and transcendent refrain. The verses are slower, but they’re just as strong as the chorus. They summon the same funky feelings that make listeners want to get up and dance. The song concludes with an energetic outro, satisfyingly wrapping up the track. 

Lyrically, ‘SUPERSONIC’ tells the exhilarating story of trying to be with someone you love, along with having strong feelings that make you adore someone and their flaws. The first verse expresses the yearning that one has when wanting to be with their special person. The chorus is confessional: it states how you can love someone and their flaws, even if they don’t like those aspects of themselves. Finally, we hear how powerful and beautiful love can be in the second verse. The repetition of the word ‘supersonic’ helps convey the impassioned feelings that come with being enamored. Loving someone can feel like a rush. Admirably, MORE&MORE encapsulates this thrilling emotion in their radiant song, ‘SUPERSONIC’. It’s fresh, lively, and it’s the perfect tune to play when you’re enjoying the company of someone important to you. This track makes the future of MORE&MORE look promising and I’m excited to see their improvements.