The Tulsa quintet, MORE&MORE, stuns us again with their latest single, ‘ULTRAVIOLET’, and it’s something special. They continue to prove themselves as artists worthy of recognition. With their lively sound and intimate lyrics, MORE&MORE strikes listeners with their originality and takes them on a journey that is as personal as it is invigorating. 

Ready for a rush? ‘ULTRAVIOLET’ will give it to you. The song immediately hooks you in and lets you know that you’re in for a thrill. The electrifying guitar solos and the riveting, upbeat production give the song a sense of excitement. You can feel your senses heighten and your pulse quicken as the melody swims from ear to ear. It’s a complete adrenaline rush. 

The most memorable part of the track was the bridge, which held an intimate confession. Placed right after an energetic guitar break, this confession slows down the song for a moment and makes it feel like we’re being talked to directly. “Everything clashes where it goes together — just like you and me.” The dynamic between the energetic chorus and the slow, personal bridge makes this song enticing. It was a great addition to the track. 

‘ULTRAVIOLET’ is definitely a song that you won’t get tired of. MORE&MORE has started the year off strong, and it won’t be surprising when they continue to shine in the future.