If you’re used to dressing in an alternative way and have become accustomed to people nonchalantly saying they’d love to see you wear more normal/gender conforming clothes, then morgen’s latest single is the perfect lighthearted jab to sing back at them. The 18 year old artist has already received a whole raft of praise from veterans in the industry and has had Elton John fawning over her songwriting talents and it’s easy to see why. Vibrant melodies of alt pop goodness that are in the same lane as Payday and Remi Wolf, authentic lyrics reflecting her own adolescent experience and an aesthetic that is equally as enthralling, she’s the whole package and today we see her venture down a slightly different path as she enters her new era.

Mom Jeans is the first time the artist has truly spoken out in a song, pushing back against others opinions about your own identity and image by unashamedly expressing she doesn’t wish to adhere to their normalities. The track is brimming with personality and self confidence with the out the box creativity being on full display, allowing the lyrics to pack a punch that allows you to envision yourself singing these back at your critics with the utmost glee. Include a multi-coloured music video that mirrors the message of freedom of expression and it’s clear to see that morgen is a creative visionary in every aspect of her art.