With the cinematic soundscape of a Spielberg movie score mixed with the emotionally intuitive stylings of The 1975, Must Be Gold make sure that their debut is nothing but gold. Dreamy in nature Fake It is a diaphanous affair. A celestial vocal that soars above the clouds with the grace of a Gold Pheasant, gossamer melodies elegantly gliding alongside, and a hauntingly beautiful for them to weave between; all of these come together in a grandiose display.

However, the highlight for me is the storytelling. Enhanced by the cinematic production we’re treat to a movie in our mind as the lyrics paint a vivid frame by frame narrative. Each word builds upon the scene prior, finding a magnificent balance between heart-wrenching emotion and high flying euphoria; forming a saudade beauty in the process.

This was an ostentatious effort for a debut that in lesser hands could’ve easily gone pear shaped. Luckily, as their name suggests, they struck gold. This awe-inspiring debut is one I’ll be playing on repeat, and if you’re a fan of The 1975 then you should really hop onto them.