Let’s get one thing straight, mykel online takes the word artist seriously. Putting creativity above all else, mykel is often found producing his own music, directing his own videos, and 3D modeling, cause why not? In my head, I attribute much of mykel’s success to his devotion to versatility. No one song ever sounds the same to me. Let’s dive into his latest work, scream and run.

This song feels like the trailer to the rest of his journey. With a runtime of only 65 seconds, this track leaves you yearning for more with each listen, however it never seems to bore you. The production instantly brings you into mykel’s world the moment you press play. The super unique drumline, paired with his transfixing vocals keep you putting the song on repeat. His signature vocal effects add a nice touch, and the chops he inputted are entirely captivating. With insane potential and all hits thus far, I know he has a bright future ahead of him.