Photo: Instagram; Raybekah

Raybekah – Ex Boyfriend (Submission)

If you’re an avid social media user, there is a good chance you have scrolled down your screen and heard a few seconds of the Nigerian singer-songwriter Raybekah’s song in a content creator’s video. Real name—Rebecca Chinonso Arinola—has only released five singles and two music videos to date and received praise from Afrobeats top artists Wizkid and Davido in 2019, but she is on fire and its a testimony to being relatable and vulnerable in her artistry. As the chorus of the song suggests, one would be a fool to go back to their ex-boyfriend. And sometimes, even though we know the relationship won’t serve us any positivity or growth, we still go back because we are foolish people. Either way, what you do with your life, is your business. There’s no judgment on this side. Listen to the entire song by the Abia State-native vocalist below, as it has gone viral on TikTok in Africa and has become the anthem for those experiencing breakups. It has caught the attention of Craig David, Justine Skye, Mahalia and more. No wonder it has crossed twenty million views and counting on the app.

Teni – Little (Love I Love) (Personal)

In the official video for ‘Little (Love I Love)’ from her double pack, Nigerian star Teni—real name Teniola Apata—catches the bouquet at a friend’s wedding, but that’s not all. The ‘Case’ singer helped her friend to get the girl of his dreams at school. If the storyline continues as we hope, we will get to see the Lagos artist wearing that beautiful wedding dress we all saw her rocking graciously in her next music video. The multiple-award-winning artist is one of the most incredible singers from Nigeria; she deserves to receive more love and to get the global spotlight like the others.

Omah Lay – Bend You (Personal)

Omah Lay, one of Port Harcourt, Nigeria’s reigning musical kings, released an album with high playback value, and we’ve been streaming it nonstop. We love all fourteen tracks from ‘Boy Alone’, but there’s one that we can’t get enough of. It’s called ‘Bend You’, one of the sexiest Afrobeats/Afropop records we’ve heard. Listen to it now.

Fireboy DML – Afro Highlife (Personal)

If you are a fan of everything that sounds like Fela Kuti’s Afrobeat era, then you know why #11 on global superstar Fireboy DML’s album gets a high play count at GRUNGECAKE’s HQ. We love when new artists infuse older sounds and take them into the future with them, and that’s what the ‘Peru’ singer has done with this record. Call us crazy, but we feel if Michael Jackson were live, he would have embraced and collaborated with Fireboy DML. We believe the greatest entertainer of all time would have wholeheartedly embraced the new African movement.

There’s nothing further to say except if you haven’t yet, listen to the Nigerian breakout artist’s new album ‘Playboy’ after you listen to ‘Afro Highlife’.

Yugoszn – Lies (Personal)

Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, native singer-songwriter and rapper Yugoszn released a track called ‘Lies’ that details the many ways people try to deceive him. Nonetheless, he takes the high road to celebrate his life to the fullest and vows never to be without substantial amounts of money again. In his well-crafted songs released to date, Mgbeoji Ugochukuw Geoffrey, the smooth baby-faced artist, delivers his illustrative songwriting with a British accent and passion. Check it out below.