Obie Iyoha
Photos: Courtesy of the artist

In a room with moving clouds projected onto its wall, Nigerian-American artist Obie Iyoha performs his latest release, ‘Something’. The song is about falling in love with a woman but feeling mildly apprehensive about whether the admiration is authentic on her end. Although someone may make you feel good about yourself, it is natural to wonder why they are around. It is one of the most unfortunate and inevitable tales of becoming or being affluent or famous. It has been that way since the beginning of value and currency-related advantages.

In a recent tweet, the Detroit-based singer-rapper with roots in Benin, Nigeria, announced the release of his forthcoming album ‘The Sky Might Fall’. Watch the live performance below-featuring guitar by Ramone Fuentes, shot by Will Fairbanks. If you like what you’re hearing, stream the original song below, too.

Over the Summer, Apple Music selected the Clemzy-produced record for its playlists.