Dark pop with a message. That is the ethos behind the Canadian songwriter Nikki White’s sound. She takes the 90’s/00’s alternative sound and polymerises it with the tantalising world of alternative pop to form something distinctly her own. From there she crafts introspective stories, weaving narratives together that range from her difficulties with an eating disorder, ongoing battle with depression, anxiety always creeping up behind her and her imposter syndrome. Nothing is off limits. Her sonic world is her musical diary, baring all her issues, deep-rooted fears, and intimate thoughts in a place she knows she’s safe in.

Fairweather Friends is her latest edition to this sonic world. Specifically targeting those so called ‘friends’ who’d often abandon you when you were going through hell, but expect you to be comforting them when they go through the same. They want you to give, but they don’t have to give back. Hence the title, Fairweather Friends.

This single was made for blasting out with the windows down, the wind blowing through your hair, and you screaming out the words after realising you’ve had one too many fairweather friends in your life. The vocals are filled with passion, making each word pack the punch of Mike Tyson, with the production having a euphoric quality that elevates it further and makes me want to run into the distance without a plan or a destination to go to. An anthem from this young Canadian musician!

I wrote FWF in LA with my two friends Jordyn Kane and Aaron Blackmar. When I went into the session I had an idea about writing a song with the words Fairweather friends. I got the idea from my boyfriend the night before actually. I was complaining about some old friends and how they ditched me when things got bad and he told me to “let go of those Fairweather friends.” I think he got the phrase from the Kadhja Bonet song haha.