Noah Floersch releases highly anticipated single “Ghost Of Chicago” and here’s how it came to be.

Noah Floersch is an indie rock singer & songwriter who recently relocated to Nashville, TN, from Omaha, NE, Following the move to Nashville, Noah immersed himself in the Music City to continuously work on his craft and perfect his sound. Growing up, Noah would draw from some of his favorite artists for inspiration — the likes of Vampire Weekend, Jon Bellion, and Gregory Alan Isakov. Noah used his time of growth to experiment with different sounds until ultimately finding his sound in his own unique voice.

Noah began teasing this on TikTok and it quickly became a fan favorite. He garnered over 8 million views on the snippet in just two weeks, drawing attention from fans and musicians on the social media platform as well. Noah used the platform to team up with Ali Ramirez. Ali explains that she was scrolling on TikTok when she heard the snippet of Noah’s song and decided to play her trumpet over it. Noah heard the video and loved the way the trumpet added texture to the song, and asked Ali to be on the final version.

The track is built off a very captivating piano and a drum driven rhythm that is well thought out and ties together perfectly with strong melodies and subtle but impressive dynamics. Despite the track sounding uplifting with the unique instrumentation it tells a story of regret, in which the main character is constantly reminded of the memories from a former lover who has moved on and left him behind. He struggles to forget their time together and is haunted by her presence everywhere he goes, but despite that understands he has no chance of winning her back.