The man, the myth, the legend Noah Guy started off his musical career with a blank sonic canvas, filled with endless possibilities about what the future could entail for his sound. That was back in 2019, now as we enter the latter stages of 2022 we’ve seen him paint a unique sonic and visual landscape that infuses luscious R&B vocals, oscillating Neo-Soul melodies, gargantuan pop hooks and silky smooth storytelling. His music idiosyncratic at its very core. Drenched in nostalgia with a forward facing narrative whilst maintaining a harmonious balance between the light and the dark through his juxtaposed and simultaneously striking storytelling. Now he unveils a single that’s a testament to what stepping out of your comfort zone can do.

2 DOGS 1 LEASH is an open therapy session for Noah, letting him confess the fears, doubts and hesitations he had from a past relationship, passionately belting his deep personal issues through a flurry of introspective, diary entry lyrics. With his charismatic voice he bares his soul to us, playfully using dog metaphors to get his worries out in the open with a non-conventional production backing him up beat for beat. It’s utterly sensational, taking place in the middle of a story where you’d usually expect an intermission, this single is Noah showing us that special moments in our lives that help shape who we are can come from almost anywhere.

Then a contemplative visual, that feels like a behind the curtain look at what’s going on backstage in a broadway show, comes in to tie it all together. Noah Guy hasn’t dropped a single bad song and it’s becoming more clear that he’s got that special sauce that’ll take him to the moon and back again.

“The song is really just one long rhythmic freestyle, cycling through these deep personal fears, doubts, and hesitations I had sequestered from a past relationship. I had gotten out of a relationship that was super fast, super intense, and really quite perfect outside this mutual understanding that we maybe didn’t pace ourselves the way we should have.”