A little over a week ago we stumbled across Noah Guy through his rather addictive alternative pop track BIG FAT LIAR. With slick guitar melodies, Shawn Mendes styled vocals and earnest lyrics we quickly began to realise that we were witnessing of an artist who could very well take over the world with his gorgeous sound. The Philadelphia native is one of the hottest talents to watch right now with hundreds upon of thousands of new fans flocking to join his loyal fanbase on daily basis and it’s no real surprise when he keeps dropping warm inviting pieces of music like his latest track Song Our Time Creates.

“I wrote this song really as an ode to the infatuation phase of love where time is nothing and everything is easy,” The artist begins to explain. “The lyrics came to me during one of those young-adult intervals when you’re wearing rose-tinted glasses and feeling star-crossed by every other person you meet.”

Straight away the calming melodies mixed with the honey drizzled vocals gently pulls you into a lovelorn sonic universe where all your worries begin to melt away and you’re filled up with this loving feeling that is like an instant injection of serotonin into the body. The yearning lyrics diving into searching for love are something many young people can relate to and the pining vocals only drive that message home more, but one of my favourite moments throughout the piece is that little lyric sample of Elvis’ classic I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You. That little lyric just adds a sense of nostalgia and sweetness to the piece that just can’t be beat. Noah Guy, a name you might not know now but will soon.