If you’re looking for a rising r&b juggernaut, then Nobu Woods would fit all the requirements. He’s one of those artists that make you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot when you discover them. Each of his songs is immersive and they create a vibe like no other. His new release, “TOO INVOLVED”, is nothing less than addictive. It’s definitely one of my favorite tracks to come out this year. It’s dark and cinematic, making you feel like you’re floating in space among the stars. 

You can’t talk about how great this song is without mentioning its production. Like his other songs, “TOO INVOLVED” was produced by Nobu Woods himself. The chorus packs a powerful punch and will send ripples of ecstasy throughout your body. He flawlessly creates a sultry atmosphere. Nobu Woods’s voice is also a notable part of the track. I loved the adlibs during the final chorus. It’s the perfect example of how a small detail can take a song from good to great. 

If you said you’ve never pretended to be in one of those viral edits of your favorite TV show, you’d be lying —- it’s fun to fantasize. Luckily, “TOO INVOLVED” lets us live in our world of desires. Listening to this song while you sway in a moonlit room will make you feel like the most alluring person alive.