The Backend Child is back and reminds us how special of a talent he is. NoCap’s metaphor rapping is simply brilliant and street symphony singing is touching and soulful. The music video for ‘Vaccine’ would be the first single since NoCap’s release from jail. The Mobile, Alabama rapper turned himself into the police for a probation violation on January 11, 2021. Next, he announced his release from jail on Instagram on July 23, receiving lots of love in the comment section from friends and fans.

In the first half of the song ‘Vaccine’, Nocap shows off his rapper ability and the unique melody and metaphoric rap. But NoCap undoubtedly shines in the second half when he begins to display his vocals and sing. This is a musical side we have seen from him before, but a bit more polished.

NoCap falls under the Never Back Again imprint. With Youngboy still serving his time, it’s up to people like Nocap and Quando Rondo to keep the ship sailing.