Liquid platinum. That right there is Nolan’s voice in a nutshell. The compellingly soft tone of the Cincinnati vocalist enthrals you from the start, leaving you in awe of whatever musical offering her gifts to us. The majesty of his lower register shines throughout his discography, weaving in-between hyperpop infused electronics, alluring guitar melodies, and lilt piano keys. Whatever the genre he tackles it with pristine precision, adding a sense of excitement whenever he drops another track for his multifaceted collection, simply because you don’t know what you’re going to get next.

His latest edition, fade away, is Nolan taking his raw honesty and amplifying it to the nth degree, confronting his melancholy feelings in the process. Each lyric is wrapped in devastating emotion turmoil, grabbing you by the scruff of the neck as you’re hit with a wave of sorrow that’s impossible to describe. His stirring voice grows throughout, allowing us to gradually see behind the curtain of his mind as the story unfurls. This is a heartbreaking ballad that is my favourite Nolan track to date. At its core, this is designed to keep you company on nights where you feel completely alone.